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also pre·op  (prē′ŏp′)Informal
Preoperative: pre-op testing; a pre-op patient.
1. A preoperative patient.
2. A section of a hospital providing preoperative treatment.


or pre-op


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5%) Table 2: Outcomes of GKRS on vestibular schwannoma Postop Parameter Preop Decreased Unchanged Radiological Changes Number of patients 82 44 30 Tumor size 3.
Paul, who lives in Harborne, went to the QE in October 2012 for a routine hernia operation and the preop tests revealed problems.
A thorough preop work-up can just about eliminate the risk of accidentally morcellating an occult uterine sarcoma, according to a prospective series of 2,824 women referred for minimally invasive myomectomy to a French university hospital from 2002 to 2013.
This study establishes capecitabine as a standard of care in the preop rectal setting," he said.
Frequency (Hz) OI Preop vs 2 Yr Follow-Up Prosthetic Limb Mean [+ or -] SD Det/Imp/ p-Value ([micro]N) Tie (n) 8 1.
Table 1 Preoperative anaemia (Hb <135 g/l for men and Hb <115 g/l for women) rates by gender, type of surgery and red cell indices (MCH and MCV) * Preop anaemia, No preop anaemia, n=238 n=705 Age (Median, IQR) 73(64-78) 65 (56-73) Gender, % (95% CI) Male 27.
Therefore the aims of this study were to compare of difference in waiting list time, number of hospital visits and preop admissions amongst the patients attending the 'one-stop cholecystectomy clinic' versus the 'routine care'.
Mr Cotter said Mr Collett declined a general anaesthetic and instead opted for a spinal epidural and was complaining of chest pain, nausea and dizziness to nursing staff in the preop room.
Or perhaps a medication is started during a preop evaluation--hould it be discontinued upon discharge to home?
We bring the medical students and local doctors in for the surgeries and include them in the preop and postop care of these patients.
PREOP builds atop the graphical story-telling environment of Alice, which has become a popular interface for introducing students to programming.