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 (prĭ-păr′ə-tĭv, -pâr′-)
Serving or tending to prepare or make ready; preliminary.
Something that prepares for or acts as a preliminary to something following.

pre·par′a·tive·ly adv.
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Doecke, "Preparatively useful dehydrogenative method for dodecahedrane synthesis," Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol.
Biochemical characterization of the three major subclasses of lipoprotein A-I preparatively isolated from human plasma.
(9) And no less a "spiritist" than John Cotton acknowledged that the Spirit works preparatively upon the unconverted, first by binding them "under the sense of [divine] wrath unto fear of Damnation" and then--having come as an "earthquake" to press them "down to the nethermost hell"--by requiring them to experience a "burning" and "blasting" of the "iron" heart's "fleshly" piety, a renunciation of "false confidence" in "legal" deeds.
1 paper; solvent, propan-1-ol:ethyl acetate:water (7:1:2)] for 48-55h resolved standards (D-fructose, D-glucose, sucrose and raffinose) and analytically and/ or preparatively separated sugars in 100[micro]L of honeydew.
The catalytic activity of the complex with ligand A1 was considerably higher than that of the Sharpless complex that enables to get satisfactory conversions with all substrates already at -20[degrees]C and to reach preparatively acceptable isolated yields also for the less reactive ketone 7.2.
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