prepatellar bursitis

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pre·pa·tel·lar bursitis

A swelling of the bursa in front of the patella just beneath the skin, caused by trauma, such as that brought about by excessive kneeling. Also called housemaid's knee.
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In humans, the medical condition prepatellar bursitis affects which part of the body?
Prepatellar bursitis, aka housemaid's knee, due to excessive friction when you kneel a lot.
This study describes two cases of septic olecranon bursitis and one case of septic prepatellar bursitis in adult hockey players presenting to a sports medicine clinic.
Prepatellar bursitis is a very common type of knee injury, and is fairly unique to wrestling (9, 10).
5) The diagnosis should be considered in patients with persistent peripatellar pain and swelling, cellulitis, septic prepatellar bursitis, and septic arthritis of the knee that does not respond to standard treatment.
1] Aseptic prepatellar bursitis is commonly caused by repetitive work in a kneeling position, hence the name "housemaid's knee.