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tr.v. pre·pend·ed, pre·pend·ing, pre·pends
To add or attach as a supplement to something at the beginning: prepended an introduction to the manuscript.

[pre- + -pend (as in append).]
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Each time we use step 2 or step 3 to prepend a new digit, all larger digits are incremented by 1 so a always consists of a string of consecutive non-repeating digits.
It basically is a way to classify your traffic upon ingress into a network, prepend a special tag and switch it through the core network until it reaches the egress device and the tag is stripped off.
The usual suspects (and a new victim) will once again be on hand to prognosticate, pontificate, and perorate about what they expect to find at NAB 2014 and to ponder, puzzle, and prepend about forward-looking trends in post-production with a Q&A session afterwards.
In the following examples, we prepend statements with the statement modifier SEQ VT, to be described in detail in Section 3.
I chose the implementation that would require less code, even though my favority has always been the circular singled linked list, because it lets you append and prepend in constant time.
The system calls (generally called sendfile or transmitfile) take as parameters the network socket to the client, the file to be sent, and a response header to prepend to the file.
What I chose to do is to prepend every operation name with the letters "cl_", which stand for circular list For the link field type, cl_link, only two operations are required: initialization with cl_link_init_() and destruction with cl_link_done_().
What if all mail servers were registered and required to generate private and public keys in an antisymetric cryptographic system and to prepend the header, as well as a verification field.
3]I and prepend them to Example 8, a complete row X is formed; X covers all three examples under twelve-tone operations.