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intr.v. pre·pon·der·at·ed, pre·pon·der·at·ing, pre·pon·der·ates
1. To exceed something else in weight.
2. To be greater than something else, as in power, force, quantity, or importance; predominate: "In balancing his faults with his perfections, the latter seemed rather to preponderate" (Henry Fielding).
adj. (-dər-ĭt)

[Latin praeponderāre, praeponderāt- : prae-, pre- + ponderāre, to weigh; see (s)pen- in Indo-European roots.]

pre·pon′der·ate·ly adv.
pre·pon′der·a′tion n.
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"No, I tared no 'perp' preponderation." Can anyone come up with a longer word for this category?