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Occurring or placed before another word.
A word or particle occurring or placed before another word.

[Late Latin praepositīvus, from Latin praepositus, past participle of praepōnere, to put in front; see preposition1.]

pre·pos′i·tive·ly adv.


(Grammar) (of a word or speech element) placed before the word governed or modified
(Grammar) a prepositive element
preˈpositively adv


(priˈpɒz ɪ tɪv)
(of a word, particle, or affix) placed before a word to modify it or to show its relation to other parts of the sentence.
pre•pos′i•tive•ly, adv.
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89) In support of her declaration a few months earlier that "we're all textualists now," (90) Justice Kagan quoted the Scalia & Garner text (91) for the series-qualifier canon: "When there is a straightforward, parallel construction that involves all nouns or verbs in a series, a prepositive or postpositive modifier normally applies to the entire series.
Note this algorithm can be viewed as a prepositive algorithm of UndeniableProof, which is usually invoked before the latter generating a final public evidence.
Prepositive and the subsequent state of the service S in figure are respectively pre and post library, [[mu].
This element is possibly less problematic than AL, since its status is substantially prepositive and it always assigns accusative, irrespective of its semantic value and of the definiteness of the noun it governs (cf.
This paper discusses failures of these unconstructive curriculum systems from the view of cognitive learning and points out that just because of the lags in BICS [basic interpersonal communication skills] and CALP [cognitive academic language proficiency] of students in non-key universities, metacognitive process should be substantially considered and completely integrated in construction of bilingual curriculum system including aspects of bilingual allocation, subject design, bilingual arrangement and prepositive training.
Attendendus in hoc est ordo, quod prepositive Sunt quedam, que semper habent precedere; quedam 130 Sunt subiunctive, subiungi semper habentes; Quedam communes, quas preponive sequive Non refert: nichil hic ponit speciale figura.
The definite article, prepositive or postpositive (e.