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Contrary to nature, reason, or common sense; absurd. See Synonyms at foolish.

[From Latin praeposterus, inverted, unseasonable : prae-, pre- + posterus, coming behind (from post, behind; see apo- in Indo-European roots).]

pre·pos′ter·ous·ly adv.
pre·pos′ter·ous·ness n.
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[prɪˈpɒstərəsnɪs] Nlo absurdo


nAbsurdität f
References in classic literature ?
The preposterousness of the case was beyond discussion, and they went in to dinner.
The preposterousness of the notion that he could at once set up a satisfactory establishment as a married man was a sufficient guarantee against danger.
Two missed deadlines later the preposterousness of that idea became clear.
Luckily, since the film is aware of its own preposterousness, it allows the audience to equally accept this situation and put logic aside.
Although Lorde defines herself as Black, woman, mother, lesbian, her works suggest that her multiple identities are not fixed concepts, but are meant to negate the very concept of identity in the sense that if identity is not stable but "performative," the whole concept of identity collapses in preposterousness.
172) To illustrate the pervasiveness of the problem of whiteness and the preposterousness of white claim of black innate inferiority in Western thought, Firmin reproduces a passage from the French naturalist Armand de Quatrefages's book, L'espece humaine, (173) published in 1877:
There's an undertow of exhaustion and even preposterousness to Barrett's quest--to be the person he is at this moment in time and also to be a person seeking (or open to being sought by) the divine.
ere couldn't have been one moviegoer who didn't chuckle guiltily at the preposterousness of the situation.
Then, perhaps carried away with his own preposterousness, he talked about cloning the late former Beatle.
The sheer preposterousness of Saul's plan is unveiled in the difficulty the special ops agents find getting Brody over the border.
You have to savor the movie's extremeness and preposterousness without getting so removed that you fail to enjoy its genuine excitement and tension.
Riddled with inconsistency, stupidity, alarming coincidence and a gun-toting granny, it corkscrews a path through plot-holes into a pit of preposterousness.