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1. Greater in power, influence, or force than another or others; predominant.
2. Genetics Of, having, or exhibiting prepotency.

[Middle English, from Latin praepotēns, praepotent-, present participle of praeposse, to be more powerful : prae-, pre- + posse, to be able or powerful; see poti- in Indo-European roots.]

pre·po′tent·ly adv.


1. greater in power, force, or influence
2. (Biology) biology showing prepotency
[C15: from Latin praepotens very powerful, from posse to be able]
preˈpotently adv


(priˈpoʊt nt)

1. preeminent in power, authority, or influence; predominant.
2. noting, pertaining to, or having genetic prepotency.
[1375–1425; late Middle English < Latin praepotent- (s. of praepotēns), present participle of praeposse to have greater power]
pre•po′tent•ly, adv.
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Pour ce faire, il alourdit son armement et ourdit sa prepotence dans la strategie de base, sans, pour autant, preter le moindre interet a son peuple, amoindri par la pauperisation systematique et assailli par une sulfureuse propagande anti-marocaine.
The CDR list will remain exclusive to those stallions that show aptitudinal prepotence.
This does not, however, mean that I eschew the facticity of biology or the prepotence of evolution.