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One who prepares for possible dangers such as natural disasters, societal collapse, or nuclear war, as by stockpiling necessary supplies or acquiring survival skills.

[prep + -er.]
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"I MAY have my nails on but I can still fix a car", prepper and sprayer Chloe Morby tells us as we sit down to chat about the motor industry.
The title character of "The Tomorrow Man" is what's known as a "prepper": someone who's eagerly planning for the collapse of human civilization that he's sure is looming.
--Bernie Carr, from The Penny-Pinching Prepper [C] Ulysses Press
There is a unique tool that any concealed carrier or prepper may want to consider.
OUR online readers were tickled by a doomsday prepper's plan to ditch Glasgow for a bunker in the Highlands in a bid to dodge "Brexit riots".
Now, although, I don't think of myself as a "prepper," as a 64-year old (former) Eagle Scout, I do believe in being prepared.
The game also has 'Prepper Stashes' which reminded me a lot of the Tombs from Tomb Raider.
The wife of a friend of mine is a prepper. She spends her free time packing and unpacking and repacking knapsacks designed for survival in the event of a nuclear attack or, more generally, the apocalypse.
He is both an academically trained professional emergency manager as well as a personal prepper. Nah is also a homesteader who raises a variety of animals, bees, and plants in a small suburban yard.
Others address racism in the online public sphere, in comments sections of Israeli new sites, statements of AaAaAeA prepper groups in the US, and the news and discussion site ChinaSMACK; digital technology and activism in terms of NAACP activist Rachel Dolezal, protests by the feminist activist group FEMEN, and scholar and Native American advocate Andrea Smith, as well as the activist Facebook group #SOSBlakAustralia and memes and counter-billboards opposing a government-led anti-migrant billboard campaign in Hungary; and the role and concepts of trolls and aliens in digital spaces.