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or prep·pie  (prĕp′ē)Informal
n. pl. prep·pies
1. A student or former student of a preparatory school.
2. A person whose manner and dress are deemed typical of traditional preparatory schools.
adj. prep·pi·er, prep·pi·est
Of or relating to a preppy or a preparatory school.

prep′pi·ly adv.
prep′pi·ness n.
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informal in a preppy manner
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Standing on a sloped patch of grass in Derby, Kramer, who is preppily dressed and sports a thick mane of side-parted dark hair, nervously smiles and rarely looks his interlocutor in the eye as he explains why he thinks "Lawrence would be proud" of his page-to-screen transfer.
Here, the kids are free to transform into wolves (when they change, their pants magically disappear, but their scarves or jumpers are left preppily tied around their lupine necks) to engage with their animal instincts in the wild.
"MY WORK CAN LOOK LIKE PINTER," warns Thomas Bradshaw, the preppily dressed 30-year-old playwright, "but it's definitely not." Observe the author's note that graces the beginnings of Bradshaw plays.