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or prep·pie  (prĕp′ē)Informal
n. pl. prep·pies
1. A student or former student of a preparatory school.
2. A person whose manner and dress are deemed typical of traditional preparatory schools.
adj. prep·pi·er, prep·pi·est
Of or relating to a preppy or a preparatory school.

prep′pi·ly adv.
prep′pi·ness n.


(ˈprɛpɪ) or


(Clothing & Fashion) characteristic of or denoting a fashion style of neat, understated, and often expensive clothes; young but classic, suggesting that the wearer is well off, upper class, and conservative
n, pl -pies
(Clothing & Fashion) a person exhibiting such style
[C20: originally US, from preppy a person who attends or has attended a preparatory school before college]


or prep•pie

(ˈprɛp i)

n., pl. -pies, n.
1. a student at or a graduate of a preparatory school.
2. a person whose clothing or behavior is associated with traditional preparatory schools.
3. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a preppy: preppy clothes.
[1895–1900, Amer.]


[ˈprɛpi] (mainly US)
nBCBG m/f
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Highly Preppy fue la marca que eligieron estas actrices con menos de un mes de diferencia.
com Ab bi Abercrombie & Fitch seersucker preppy shorts, were PS58, now PS23.
Then there are preppy nautical-print sweaters and tennis skirts, wide-leg sailor pants and pearl- and cowrie shell-embroidered blazers-all reminiscent of East Coast-born Burch's youth.
The John Malkovich Collection has sweaters and suits that manage to be both preppy and retro-futuristic, while scarves and shirts printed with the actor's drawings of a character named Mr.
Being connected and social networking have always been important for the preppy set, but now Country Club Prep is taking that to a whole new next level with its marketing efforts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.
Dempsey was brought up in a caravan park and clearly doesn''t see the American Dream in the same way as a preppy fromthe 'Ivy League''.
Meanwhile, if you're slowly transitioning into back-to-school/back-to-work mode, go for the preppy chic stacked heeled loafers, two-tone oxfords, and pointy flats with hidden wedges.
In menswear, tropical camouflage in classic silhouettes, resort wear with a preppy twist and graphic animal skin prints in neon tones rule.
The beats of the song are preppy and Honey Singh acts his part quite well, even grooving to some well choreographed R&B dance moves.
The preppy footwear has taken the high street by storm.
When Elle, originally from Clinton, went to Delta State University, she never thought that she would fall for a preppy Delta boy decked out in pastels and polos.