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 (prē-prŏs′ĕs′, -prō′sĕs′)
tr.v. pre·proc·essed, pre·proc·ess·ing, pre·proc·ess·es
To perform preliminary processing on (data, for example).

pre·proc′es·sor n.
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vb (tr)
(Computer Science) computing to undertake preliminary processing of (data)
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In this research, new approach has been proposed to use RHadoop framework to preprocess microarray cancerous breast data using RMA algorithm.
Then, it can be concluded that data preprocessing is significantly effective in improving the accuracy of the PCA model, and it is really necessary and meaningful to preprocess the data from a real operating environment.
However, in industrial manufacturing systems, because of the different dimensions of system variables, it is usually necessary to preprocess the data to standardize the data.
We add the background-removed images to the training set and then preprocess the images in training set.
This study was focused on (1) using different pretreatment of multiplicative scatter correction (MSC), Savitzky-Golay (SG) smoothing, and combination of MSC and SG (MSC-SG) to preprocess the spectral data of region of interest, (2) using the successive projections algorithm (SPA) to conduct data dimension reduction and acquire characteristic wavelengths (CWs) under different preprocessing methods, (3) extracting the image features of CWs to represent the physical and chemical characteristics of CCA, and (4) building prediction models of CCA adulteration and comparing the prediction ability of different models based on different spectral preprocessed methods.
This result confirms that JA can be chosen to preprocess the brain MRI compared to the alternative approaches chosen in this paper.
In Section 3, we introduce a new geometric feature-based segmentation method and dynamic threshold denoising method to preprocess the CT and PET images, respectively.
Before outsourcing the data over the cloud, data owner preprocess the file and generates the homomorphic verifiable tags.
Before using any incoming image into the system either for training or for testing purpose first step is to preprocess the image to get only the required features of a face.
The other three calls ask the entry to (1) preprocess the map, saving the results, (2) prepare for search, potentially loading preprocessed data, and (3) compute a path between two points.
To improve balance and better approximate a randomized experiment, researchers preprocess Lindo et al.'s data set by performing exact matching on pre-treatment covariates, such as high school grade percentile and native language, and then re-estimate the impact of academic probation on student outcomes.