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 (prē-prŏs′ĕs′, -prō′sĕs′)
tr.v. pre·proc·essed, pre·proc·ess·ing, pre·proc·ess·es
To perform preliminary processing on (data, for example).

pre·proc′es·sor n.


vb (tr)
(Computer Science) computing to undertake preliminary processing of (data)
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Mainstream Engineering Corporation, a 29-year-old Brevard County research and manufacturing company, has been awarded a contract from the Department of Energy (DoE) to develop a feedstock preprocessing system to improve the energy efficiency and reduce the cost of biomass pre-processing and conveyance.
A Web log is a file to which the Web server writes information each time a user requests a resource from that particular site preprocessing a web usage mining model aims to reformat the original web logs to identify user's access sessions.
Using a bootstrapped analysis to classify subjects and creating maps to extract group level differences between individuals with and without PD is dependent on the preprocessing of the DTI images.
This study focuses on how matching, a method of preprocessing data prior to estimation and analysis, can be used to reduce imbalance between treatment and control group in regression discontinuity design.
Image acquisition and preprocessing for machine vision systems.
It will be Japan's first biofuel production facility capable of continuous preprocessing.
Reports New Biomass Preprocessing Milestone(C)2009 JeraOne - http://www.
Image preprocessing is inevitable process performed in any image processing application.
For this test, however, I felt that insight into the types of preprocessing performed by these companies to produce their "trophy footage" would provide some interesting perspective into the art of real-world preprocessing and encoding.
All of these methods streamline payroll preprocessing and ensure accuracy of reported hours.
It offers 13 preprocessing image functions that can be combined to enhance difficult defects.
Tokyo, Japan, Aug 23, 2005 - (JCNN) - Matsushita Ecology System announced on August 22 that it has developed a preprocessing technology for raw milk in collaboration with Taiyo Kagaku.