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 (prē-prŏs′ĕs′, -prō′sĕs′)
tr.v. pre·proc·essed, pre·proc·ess·ing, pre·proc·ess·es
To perform preliminary processing on (data, for example).

pre·proc′es·sor n.
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(Computer Science) computing a program or device that that alters data to conform with the input requirements of another program
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Translating a signature pointer to a pointer to an interface object has the advantage that it is straightforward to implement in a preprocessor for a C++ compiler.
To begin, engineers at AAC built a structural finite element model using the Ansys preprocessor. AAC engineers then used Ansys harmonic response capabilities with the mode superposition method to predict structural vibrations on the surface of the engine block.
A streamlined user interface and smart decision making by the preprocessor and postprocessor simplify and automate many model building tasks.
A preprocessor called COOL++ supports an extended version of standard C++ which is adapted to run on the COOL GRT.
The preprocessor circuitry, which Knapp designed, and the commercially available signal processor form the talent of Biomuse.
(ii) The presented framework follows modular architecture where the whole system is divided into five components, namely, Preprocessor, Detector, Defender, Logger, and Response Controller.
PHP was originally called PHP/FI (Personal Home Page/Forms Interpreter) in 1994 when it was originally designed and was renamed to PHP Tools in 1995 before it was renamed to just PHP (as a recursive acronym meaning PHP Hypertext Preprocessor) in 1997 with the release of version 3.0.
The disinfection market is further divided into disinfectors, disinfectants, endoscope preprocessor, medical non-wovens, and disinfectant wipes.
The author has organized the main body of his text in twenty-five chapters devoted to program structure, constants, preprocessor directives, data variables and types, expressions and operators, statements, functions, arrays, structures, memory and pointers, built-in functions, strings, function-like macros and a wide variety of other related subjects.
The approach was commercialized as a solver, but relegated to high-end analysis because it required a preprocessor solver for meshing.
The Kantan Preprocessor uses a series of Search/Replace rules, based on KantanMT Regex (regular expressions) technology to dynamically alter data prior to its inclusion as training data for a KantanMT engine.
In VCDS, load preprocessor based on cubic spline interpolation and load predictor based on linear regression are proposed to process the raw measurements; co-residency probability computing algorithm is designed to calculate the probability of VMs co-residency; detection rules are put forward to determine the results.