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The period of life immediately before puberty, often marked by accelerated physical growth.

pre·pu′ber·tal, pre·pu′ber·al (-bər-əl) adj.
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(Biology) a variant form of prepubertal
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(2015) reported that in prepuberal heifers fed to achieve an ADWG of 1000g, using a low dietary metabolisable protein: metabolizable energy ratio induced an excessive fat accumulation in the parenchymal area of mammary gland compared with higher ratios.
Prepuberal gilts fed diets polluted with ZEA (0.004 to 0.358 mg/kg) exhibited hepatocyte glycogen depletion and expansion of hepatic interlobular connective tissue and hemossiderosis in spleen [45].
Interestingly, when the patient's sex life was examined, despite the prepuberal condition, she acknowledged having weekly--albeit unsatisfying (i.e., anorgasmic) --intercourses.
La proliferacion de las celulas sustentaculares ocurre solamente durante la vida fetal y prepuberal (Griswold & Behringer, 2009).
Role of the N, N'-dimethylbiguanide metformin in the treatment of female prepuberal BALB/c mice hyperandrogenized with dehydroepiandrosterone.
Bundles of thick, ropy collagen with inconspicuous vessels may contain adipose tissue Massive localized lymphedema (19) Edematous stroma, dilated vascular channels, and mature adipose tissue separated by fibrous septa Prepuberal vulvar formation (20) Poorly marginated, hypocellular tumours, formed by bland of spindle-shaped cells in a collagenous to edematous or myxoid stroma Childhood asymmetric labium Rare to moderate cellular majus enlargement (21) interconnected fibrous bands, encircled lobules of fat, vessels, and nerves (*)These three entities are closely related and may represent variants of a single entity.
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