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n. pl pre·pu·pae (-pē) or pre·pu·pas
A larval insect in the stage just preceding pupation.

pre·pu′pal adj.
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(Zoology) an insect between the larval and pupal stages of development
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However, the presence of white waxy coverings of male prepupa and gravid female was considered in this study to be the end of the nymphal stage for male and female, respectively.
(a) Huevos de Archaeoprepona demophon muson sobre hojas de Siparuna bifida; (b) Larva primer estadio; (c) Larva segundo estadio; (d) Larva cuarto estadio; (e) Larva quinto estadio (f) Prepupa vista lateral adherida a una rama de Siparuna bifida; (g) Pupa vista lateral; (h) Adulto macho vista dorsal.
Parasitoids in the genus Monodontomerus insert their ovipositor through the host cocoon and deposit 10-20 eggs on the developing host prepupa (Eves, 1970; Grissell, 2007).
However, the highest mortality percentage of both prepupa and pupa were represented by the fourth peak (7th day).
elissa elissa es de 6 dias en huevo, en larva 21 dias, prepupa 1 dia y pupa 9 dias.
Of the five ant larvae extracted, one had three planidia externally attached (Figure 4(f)), while of the 19 cocoons only one planidium was found attached externally to a prepupa. From this sample, the percentage of parasitism was 8.3% of 24 immature ones.