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1. See foreskin.
2. A loose fold of skin covering the glans clitoridis.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin praepūtium : possibly prae-, pre- + *pūtos, penis.]

pre·pu′tial (-pyo͞o′shəl) adj.
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Effect of preputial type on bacterial colonization and wound healing in boys undergoing circumcision.
Penile and preputial tumours are among the most common neoplasms in the horse, accounting for 6-10% of all neoplastic disorders in this species [1], with squamous cell carcinomas (SCC) being the most common [2].
Novel male mice disrupt pregnancy despite removal of vesicular-coagulating and preputial glands.
The choice of substitute material (oral mucosa versus preputial skin) should be based primarily on surgeon preference and background.
He glossed over the difference between periah (man-made, glans-baring circumcision) and milah, (the original, Torah-authorized cutting of just the preputial sphincter).
In his article Collaher focuses on the discoveries of Lewis Sayre and his subsequent theories on the link between problem foreskins and various paralytic illnesses, codified in his book On the deleterious results of a narrow prepuce and preputial adhesions (1888).
The preputial glands, as we call them, are located on the inside of the buck's penal sheath.
A dorsal slit is prepared by estimating approximately two thirds the distance from the preputial ring to the corona, crushing the foreskin in the anterior midline with a straight hemostat (Figure, top row, left):then dividing it with small scissors (top row, middle).
Proliferative and nonproliferative lesions of the rat and mouse mammary, Zymbal's, preputial, and clitoral glands.