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1. See foreskin.
2. A loose fold of skin covering the glans clitoridis.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin praepūtium : possibly prae-, pre- + *pūtos, penis.]

pre·pu′tial (-pyo͞o′shəl) adj.
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The "musky" part of the name comes from preorbitai (facial) glands used to mark territory and from preputial glands ahead of the genitals.
Male reproductive tissues taken included one testis, one epididymis, one vesicular-coagulating (VC) gland, and one preputial gland.
Transverse island flaps of inner preputial skin have provided a reliable technique for the repair of hypospadias, especially proximal hypospadias.
After urethroplasty a transversely oriented rectangle of Preputial skin was marked at a length 30% more than the distance from the hypospadias opening to the glans tip and approximately 20 mm in width.
These include buccal graft, penile skin flaps, preputial skin flaps, bladder and bowel mucosa6-12.
Either a circumcised appearance of the penis or if the parents opt for preputial reconstruction, a foreskin that is complete circumferentially and easily retractable
Anaerobic infection###Foul smell, preputial edema and###Clindamycin twice daily till resolution###Oral metronidazole 400mg twice a day
insane precision,/these preputial folds, these tubes and columns and
Of the presenting signs, tenesmus and constipation was the most common symptom observed in all dogs, followed by inappetence in 50%, hemorrhagic preputial discharge and hematuria in 30% and abnormal gait in 20% of dogs.