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1. See foreskin.
2. A loose fold of skin covering the glans clitoridis.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin praepūtium : possibly prae-, pre- + *pūtos, penis.]

pre·pu′tial (-pyo͞o′shəl) adj.
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Preputial prolapse refers to protrusion and eversion of inner lining of preputial sheath with no tendency to spontaneous return.
Preputial prolapse predisposes bulls to preputial injuries leading to swelling, erosion of preputial epithelium, constriction of preputial orifice, induration and abscessation, ultimately resulting in fibrosis (Walker and Vaughan, 1980).
Preputial prolapse adversely affects penis function because protrusion of penis depends on free movement of preputial mucosa and any fibrotic lesion in this tissue seriously impedes the ability of penis to extend (Arthur et al., 1996).