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n. Southwestern US
A small, often temporary dam or dike used to divert water into an acequia.

[Spanish, a capturing of something, presa, from Latin prēnsa, feminine singular of prehēnsus, prēnsus, past participle of prehendere, prendere, to grasp; see ghend- in Indo-European roots.]


n, pl -se (-seɪ)
(Music, other) music a sign or symbol used in a canon, round, etc, to indicate the entry of each part. Usual signs: +, :S: or
[Italian, literally: a taking up, from prendere to take, from Latin prehendere to grasp]
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Also called the Presa Canario, this breed became notorious after a 2001 case in San Francisco, Calif.
Industry representatives, as cited by Presa daily, insist that the requirements introduce an unprecedented practice on a global scale and that they amount to repression against agricultural producers.
arets asper aster pares astre parse earst pears rates prase reast presa resat rapes stare reaps strae spaer tares spare tears spear teras.
Cristiano told us to be sure his figure was perfect," Gonzalo Presa, the museum's communication director told Cadena Ser Catalunya.
According to Boyko Pangelov, deputy editor in chief of the newspaper Presa, it is hardly likely that the new Bulgarian government will change anything in the Bulgarian-Macedonian relations and will speed up the signing of the agreement on good-neighborly relations.
Macedonian Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki said in his interview with the Bulgarian daily Presa published on Monday that basically he was not against this idea, which was part of the European culture.
The presa canario breed went on to savage Mr Clarke, 79, in what a judge described as an "entirely avoidable" attack.
The Presa Canario cross-breed dog had earlier escaped from the garden of his next-door neighbour in Richard Kelly Close in the Norris Green area of the city.
Woods and Sulley's presa canario Charlie was so badly treated it ate cigarette butts and a plastic bowl, Liverpool Crown Court was told.
Woods and Sulley's dog Charlie, a presa canario, was so badly treated it ate cigarette butts and a plastic bowl, Liverpool crown court heard.
Other members of the team include James Allen, a University of Utah bioengineering graduate; Mitch Barneck, another bioengineering graduate of the University of Utah currently in medical school at Oregon Health and Science University; Martin de La Presa, a University of Utah student doctor; and Ahrash Poursaid, who received a bachelor's degree in bioengineering from the university this spring.
Summary: The man who blew up a bus in a Bulgarian Black Sea resort in 2012, killing five Israeli tourists, trained in camps in south Lebanon, the Bulgarian daily Presa said.