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a. presacro, frente al sacro.
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Associated anomalies like vertebral, spinal cord, genitourinary system and presacral region were also looked for.
In pediatric patients, teratomas, a form of dermoid cyst, are the most common presacral lesion.
Congenital or acquired lesions of the retrorectal space, also called the presacral space, represent a rare type of tumors.
The patient had a successful robotic subtotal hysterectomy, presacral uterosacral ligament - cervicovaginal suspension, paravaginal repair, and Burch colposuspension [Figure 2]a, [Figure 2]b, [Figure 2]c.
Excision was carried out by means of a scalpel and wide local excision was aimed for removal of all tissues overlying the presacral fascia.
The very anterior location of the pineal foramen, the extremely short symphysis (containing only three and a half alveoli), the low number of mandibular teeth, the anisodont dental sequence showing the first maxillary and the fourth dentary teeth as the largest of the series, the presence of ventral foramina and absence of dorsal ones on the cervical centra, and the number of presacral vertebrae (37), characterize MP111209-1 as a new genus and species, Sachicasaurus vitae gen.
First, the pilonidal cyst was completely excised up to the presacral fascia 2 cm lateral to the middle line with an ellipticor rhombus-shaped incision without injuring the pilonidal sinus and without leaving any sinus residue.
One patient who underwent primary closure of the pelvic floor defect developed a chronic presacral sinus.{Table 3}
Laparoscopic presacral neurectomy vs neurotomy: use of the argon beam coagulator compared to conventional technique.
Our minimally invasive gynecologic surgery (MIGS) team has utilized minilaparoscopy for diagnostic laparoscopy; lysis of adhesions; treatment of stage I, II, and occasionally stage III endometriosis; ovarian cystectomy; ureterolysis; presacral neurectomy; and total laparoscopic hysterectomy--as has our guest author Steven McCarus, MD.
2 and 3), TAE of a renal angiomyolipoma (n=1), lower extremity arteriogram (n=1), TAE of presacral sarcomatoid carcinoma (n=1), TAE of pelvic malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor (n=1), TAE of a pelvic arteriovenous malformation (n=1), intercostal artery arteriogram (n=1), lumbar artery arteriogram (n=1), and iliac artery arteriogram (n=1) (Fig.