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 (prĕz-bĭt′ər-ĭt, -ə-rāt′, prĕs-)
1. The office of a presbyter.
2. A body or an order of presbyters.
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(prɛzˈbɪtərɪt; -ˌreɪt)
1. (Protestantism) the status or office of a presbyter
2. (Protestantism) a group of presbyters
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(prɛzˈbɪt ər ɪt, -əˌreɪt, prɛs-)

1. the office of a presbyter or elder.
2. a body of presbyters or elders.
[1635–45; < Medieval Latin]
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While Carr insisted on the need for the church to own its failures and apologize to victims, Weigel passionately denounced the condemnation of the entire presbyterate for the crimes of "4% of its membership" and called on laypeople to thank priests for their service.
Two new priests: Reverend Father Augustine Etsemikhena Kobor and Reverend Father Ayokanmi Patrick Jemiseye, have increased the number of priests in the Catholic Diocese of Ekiti, following their elevation to the order of the presbyterate by the Catholic Bishop of Ekiti Diocese, Most Reverend Felix Femi Ajakaye.
In 2009 Pope Benedict XVI modified canon law to reflect the same fact, adding a third paragraph to Canon 1009: "Those who are constituted in the order of the episcopate or the presbyterate receive the mission and capacity to act in the person of Christ the Head, whereas deacons are empowered to serve the People of God in the ministries of the liturgy, the word, and charity."
The orders are the episcopate, the presbyterate, and the diaconate.
Sullings, R, The Pastoral Provision Priests in the American Catholic Presbyterate (pro manuscripto).
Following ordination to the diaconate and the presbyterate in 2004, he has served several churches in the Dioceses of Quebec and Toronto.
states bluntly that the polarization--across left and right extremes--about the office and functions of the presbyterate has as its root cause "the enhanced valuation of the priesthood of the faithful, which has led certain individuals to take themselves for what they were not, and which has undermined for many postconciliar priests the summary certitudes that they had been indoctrinated with as to the superiority of their state" (ix).
While recognizing the ambiguity in the history of the emergence of the episcopate as a separate and higher office than that of the presbyterate (the bishop was preeminent over the presbyters), that Trent had not wished to go against Jerome, who had maintained that difference between the two was not by divine ordination, and that "in the history of the church there are instances of priests (i.e., presbyters) ordaining other priests, and there is evidence that the church accepted and recognized the Ministry of priests so ordained," it is clear that the RC participants see the latter (italicized here) as exceptions that do not constitute sufficient grounds for recognizing Lutheran practice of ordination as "normal" (p.
Topics include the diaconate, presbyterate, differences between human and divine authority, and ecclesial universality and particularity.
The Commission is now working on a second raft of issues, including: authorized lay ministry (Methodist Lay Preachers and Anglican Readers are not commissioned for exactly the same set of tasks) ; Christian initiation, with special attention to the meaning and ministry of confirmation; the diaconate (Anglicans practise sequential ordination, Methodists direct ordination, to the presbyterate); and episcopacy.
Either the case for celibacy and a male-only presbyterate and for traditional religious life needs to be made convincingly, or the church needs to reconsider the role of women and the possibility of married priests of both genders, at least in areas of the world where these changes would be accepted.
A June 6 news item informs the reader that the 2002 Danube women are now preparing for a second ordination of women to "the diaconate and presbyterate".