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v. pre·scribed, pre·scrib·ing, pre·scribes
1. To set down as a rule, law, or direction: prescribed the terms of the surrender.
2. To order the use of (a medicine or other treatment).
1. To establish rules, laws, or directions.
2. To order a medicine or other treatment.

[Middle English prescriben, from Latin praescrībere : prae-, pre- + scrībere, to write; see skrībh- in Indo-European roots.]

pre·scrib′er n.
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HEALTH bosses are scrambling to reduce the number of antibiotics handed out, as Knowsley found itself the UK's highest prescriber of the drugs.
While other pharmacy benefit managers also provide this first step of FWA prevention, Prime's unique and enhanced program uses the following comprehensive methods: advanced analytics using integrated medical and pharmacy claims data, pharmacy, member and prescriber investigations, a FWA hotline, daily analysis and retrospective audits, onsite audits collaboration with health plan special investigation units.
Newly qualified Cambridge RN prescriber Erika Erece, now studying to become an NP, said she derived huge benefit from the NP group.
"I come to the conference from the health consumer (patient) perspective with a special interest in prescriber (physician) and pharmacist (dispenser) points of view.
The bill would specify that in cases where written consent cannot be obtained, the prescriber must make a notation in the patient's file indicating the date and circumstances of the informed consent.
Less than 20 per cent of all the audited prescription had the initials or signature of the prescriber at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Lagos, a study has said.
Over the study period, about 36.4 percent of US counties had at least one buprenorphine prescriber and 21.9 percent of counties had at least one oral naltrexone prescriber (Table 2).
There was also suspicion surrounding the prescriber's signature, which the NPA says 'bears similar handwriting traits to the patient signature on the reverse of the prescription'.
What has not been debated or discussed in any great depth is how the introduction of the nurse prescriber may affect the relationship between the nurse and the doctor.
IRVING, Texas -- Health Mart has kicked off its sixth annual town hall and continuing education series titled Power Your Partnerships, which offers independent pharmacies practical advice for creating and maintaining prescriber relationships to improve outcomes and grow their businesses.
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