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v. pre·scribed, pre·scrib·ing, pre·scribes
1. To set down as a rule, law, or direction: prescribed the terms of the surrender.
2. To order the use of (a medicine or other treatment).
1. To establish rules, laws, or directions.
2. To order a medicine or other treatment.

[Middle English prescriben, from Latin praescrībere : prae-, pre- + scrībere, to write; see skrībh- in Indo-European roots.]

pre·scrib′er n.
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Arising from feedback to that proposal, the council decided to focus its work on the specialist prescriber role.
If you are a nurse prescriber, you have the knowledge, it's just having the confidence to provide information.
Telus Health said it is adding important new functionality to its existing health technology portfolio through its acquisition of an interest in the underlying technology of the ZRx Prescriber from Quebec-based ZoomMed.
And they provide a process for penalties if a prescriber misuses the PMP.
HIOs and PDIs are firms that analyze prescriber-identifying data to create reports on prescriber behavior.
In addition, the rule establishes a prescriber and dispenser inquiry system to be maintained by the department's Bureau of Pharmacy and Clinical Support Systems.
Concurrent with rollout of the CPOE software, the health system made the strategic decision to enhance access to the EHR by providing each prescriber with a laptop, and to provide wireless access throughout the clinic.
Supplementary prescribing is defined as a "voluntary prescribing partnership" between an independent prescriber and a supplementary prescriber, to implement an agreed patient-specific clinical management plan with the patient's agreement.
Writing in Australian Prescriber, Professor of Pharmacy at the University of London Nick Barber said extending prescribing rights, as has been the case in the UK since 2003, would improve prescribing quality and medicines access for patients.
A person may not recover damages against a prescriber or dispenser authorized to access information under the drug monitoring program for accessing or failing to access such information.
Among other things, this settlement provided for a $21 million Consumer and Prescriber Education grant program to be administered by a Special Committee of State Attorneys General.
Ultimately, every single nurse prescriber has to be 'signed off' by a doctor before they can begin prescribing.