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Noun1.prescriptive grammar - a grammar that is produced by prescriptive linguistics
linguistics - the scientific study of language
grammar - the branch of linguistics that deals with syntax and morphology (and sometimes also deals with semantics)
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In the Grammar I course, grammar is taught traditionally; in other words, teachers continue to teach traditional prescriptive grammar.
Nowadays, strongly opposing views are no longer acceptable, since prescriptive grammar offers relevant insight into descriptivism and there seems to be a blend of prescriptive and descriptive language accounts in the grammars of this period (Rodriguez-Gil 2003).
In the estimation of one European scholar, American literature has long drawn its genius from renegade orality, with the printed "spoken" voice unregulated by respectable notions of politics, social and racial standing, artistic orthodoxy, or prescriptive grammar and spelling.
This view that current language use is not in a state of decline--a notion that is usually one of the keystones of any prescriptive grammar or style guide--is also shared by GDR grammarians, who likewise feel that their new political system provides linguistic opportunities.
From this, it is possible to claim that foreign language learners should be directed to the discourse of native speakers in order to have an understanding of "language in use" from a descriptive perspective rather than following the subjective prescriptive grammar rules.
This Web site, created by Pearson Publishing, offers numerous prescriptive grammar lessons for teachers.
Proposes that editing decisions be based on prescriptive grammar, "organic" grammar, and relevant research
Chomsky's goal was not to write a prescriptive grammar book.
At risk to descriptive grammar is ambiguity, to prescriptive grammar pedantry.
Writing a prescriptive grammar is of course a perfectly legitimate exercise for a native speaker, but the reader could expect a clearer statement on the aims of the grammar, and a clearer distinction between descriptive and normative sections.
As Olivia Smith has rightly stressed, the inculcation of the tenets of prescriptive grammar among the labouring classes was, for Cobbett, 'an act of class warfare'.
is an inventory and classification of the data embodying the normative principles, terminology and grammatical typology of the genre', write the authors in their introduction to this study of prescriptive grammar.