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tr.v. pre·se·lect·ed, pre·se·lect·ing, pre·se·lects
To select beforehand, usually according to a specific criterion.

pre′se·lec′tion n.
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(Telecommunications) a telephonic system by which a call is automatically routed to a free line
occurring before a selection
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En prevision de ces joutes qualificatives aux JO-2020, les premiers organises en Algerie, la selection nationale des trois specialites (10m pistolet a air, fosse olympique et Skeet) avait effectue quelques stages de preparation et de preselection au stand de champ tir de Djerma a Batna.
The film has been entered into for preselection in the category of Best International Feature Film.
It provides updated data on fixed network services, profiles the major operators, and reviews the key regulatory issues including interconnection, local loop unbundling, number portability, carrier preselection, and the provisions for competitor access to cable and fibre infrastructure.
Sur les 30 joueurs convoques pour ce stage de preselection, il y a 21 botolistes et 9 venant des clubs europeens.
However, in that method, the effect of preselection on reliability was not taken into account.
The DICT also noted that a preselection information session will he held on Oct.
The young people participating in the YES Works course are selected through rigorous preselection interviews and workshops by Linstone Housing and Young Enterprise Scotland.
The wide-ranging RF preselection allows the R&S MNT100 to be used with antennas in dense-spectrum environments.
We limit our attention to the simplest setting of a noisy preselection and we assume that the environment E couples to photonic polarization only locally, that is, only in one of the two arms of the interferometer corresponding to either the sector L or R of the state space H.