present arms

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pre·sent arms

1. A position in the military manual of arms in which the rifle is held vertically in front of the body.
2. A command to assume present arms or to give a hand salute.
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يُقَدِّم التَّحِيَّه بالسِّلاح
pozdravit zbraní
fegyverrel tiszteleg
halda rifli lóîrétt fyrir framan sig
pozdraviť zbraňou
tüfekle selâm durmak


(priˈzent) verb
1. to give, especially formally or ceremonially. The child presented a bunch of flowers to the Queen; He was presented with a gold watch when he retired.
2. to introduce. May I present my wife (to you)?
3. to arrange the production of (a play, film etc). The Elizabethan Theatre Company presents `Hamlet', by William Shakespeare.
4. to offer (ideas etc) for consideration, or (a problem etc) for solving. She presents (=expresses) her ideas very clearly; The situation presents a problem.
5. to bring (oneself); to appear. He presented himself at the dinner table half an hour late.
preˈsenter noun
preˈsentable adjective
suitable to be seen, introduced etc. You don't look very presentable in those clothes.
ˌpresenˈtation (pre-) noun
1. the act of presenting. the presentation of the prizes; the presentation of a new play; (also adjective) a presentation ceremony; a presentation gold watch.
2. the manner in which written work etc is presented or set out. Try to improve the presentation of your work.
3. a performance, or set of repeated performances, of a play, opera etc. This is the best presentation of `Macbeth' that I've ever seen.
present arms
to hold a rifle upright in front of one, as a salute.
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The album's lyrics return UB40 to their socialist, campaigning roots which marked out early albums Signing Off and Present Arms.
The Prime Minister laid a wreath at the Amar Jawan Jyoti memorial, followed by the Guard Commander giving the Salami Shastr or Present Arms and then the Shok Shastr or Reverse Arms.
Present Arms' Sentinel Plate is a cost-effective stand for displaying, cleaning and servicing firearms.
Present Arms' Sentinel Plate is a cost effective stand for displaying, cleaning and servicing firearms.
I loved the parades, the colours on parade and the guidon presentation, the march past, the roll past, the advance in review order and the sound of my hand slapping the stock of my rifle during the Present Arms. I could feel the national anthem inside me while the band played it.
Precision machined from big blocks of indestructible polymer, the Present Arms fixtures act as that third hand for the tedious bits.
Having, in the words of their coach Marc Wilmots, "lost a battle but not the war" Belgium present arms again for Saturday's encounter with Ireland on what they consider to be home territory of Bordeaux.
A new ground for club rugby on the present Arms Park cricket site.
PRESENT ARMS Myleene hit back at gift list, left, and Roald Dahl's brat Veruca Salt, below PRESE AR Myleene hit back at gift list, left, and Roald Dahl's brat Veruca Salt, below
A while back, though, the folks at Present Arms ( sent me their Plug Capture Tool, and I'd forgotten about it until a recent gun-cleaning binge.
During the ceremony, the historic semaphore flag signaling system relayed silent commands from the adjutant and commander of the troops to present arms, order arms, and parade rest on Barton Field.
Visiting her grandparents at Buckingham Palace, young Elizabeth found to her delight the sentry guard would present arms every time she passed.