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 (prĕz′ən-tā′shən, prē′zən-)
a. The action of presenting something: the presentation of awards.
b. The style or manner with which something is offered for consideration or display: "These truths are not amenable to scientific presentation" (Karen Armstrong).
2. Something that is presented, especially:
a. A theatrical or cinematic production.
b. A demonstration, lecture, or speech: gave a presentation on drug abuse.
3. A formal introduction of someone to others, as at court.
4. Ecclesiastical The act or right of naming a cleric to a benefice.
5. Medicine
a. The position of the fetus in the uterus at birth with respect to the mouth of the uterus.
b. A symptom or sign or a group of symptoms or signs that is evident during a medical examination: The patient's presentation was consistent with a viral illness.
c. The fact of being evident or manifest. Used of a disease or condition: the presentation of thyroid disease during pregnancy.

pres′en·ta′tion·al adj.
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Adj.1.presentational - of or relating to a presentation (especially in psychology or philosophy); "what Whitehead calls `perception in the presentational immediacy'"
psychological science, psychology - the science of mental life
philosophy - the rational investigation of questions about existence and knowledge and ethics
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[ˌprezənˈteɪʃənəl] ADJrelativo a la presentación
from a presentational point of viewdesde el punto de vista de la presentación
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Perception in the mode of presentational immediacy is a matter of emphasizing certain relations already present in the felt datum and, therefore, a matter of evaluation or gradation of relevance of those relations.
Metals Exploration recorded a USD33.4 million foreign exchange gain in 2018, up from USD1.1 million the year prior, due to the change in presentational currency from sterling to dollar.
For example, my growth stemming from building relationships with transfer and freshman students and my ability to engage a large group both transfer to my presentational skills in the classroom."
Just having a bit more confidence and some presentational abilities can make all the difference, for example if you are going for a uni or job interview."
"Our key presentational points then might include: The Republic of Ireland was unable to meet their end of the bargain."
Participating teams are also judged on presentational and commercial aspects such as quality of marketing and the pit display.
As a result, this study aims to examine the presentational forms and strategies deployed in (re)presenting meanings and messages in the news.
The building will serve as a virtual development centre for manufacturing processes, containing a range of presentational and virtual reality technologies to assist research projects connected with manufacturing processes.
All were praised in the VisitEngland assessor's report, which highlighted "the extremely impressive and very well maintained grounds" and "the very high presentational and cleanliness standards."
IMF says the new GFSM incorporates methodological changes arising from the System of National Accounts 2008 (2008 SNA), deepens the methodological guidance, draws on lessons learned from capacity building activities carried out with many countries, and introduces new concepts, such as presentational tables on contributions to changes in net worth and on contingent liabilities.
Mark Mitchell, head of business at Greenhead College, was impressed by the presentational skills and business acumen of the students taking part.