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a. Perceived or capable of being perceived directly rather than through association.
b. Having the ability to perceive something directly.
2. Ecclesiastical Of or relating to a patron's right of presentation to a benefice.
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1. (Philosophy) philosophy
a. able to be known or perceived immediately
b. capable of knowing or perceiving in this way
2. (Ecclesiastical Terms) subject to or conferring the right of ecclesiastical presentation
preˈsentativeness n
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(prɪˈzɛn tə tɪv)

(of an image, idea, etc.) presented, known, or capable of being known directly.
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Its main operations may be classified under three heads: (1) Pictorial and Presentative. It presents to the author's mind, and through him to the minds of his readers, all the elements of human experience and life (drawing from his actual experience or his reading).
3 (BNA): Council of Presentative Speaker Fawzia bint Abdullah Zainal sent a cable of congratulations to Shura member Dr.
circularly presentative of the structures of thought, but in copying
French will be England's 60kg presentative, with Luke McCormack entering at 64kg.
(b) Presentative bands and quantification expression of Cx43 by western blotting.
Are presentative immunoblot from two separate experiments with similar results is shown.
While the text remains close to the original, to include the technical language of the subject content, the student has organized the information slightly differently, starting with presentative there, not often found at this level to introduce concepts into a text (Llinares & Whittaker, 2009), uses a preposition phrase to include information in one clause "with an average volume of flow", and pronouns instead of repeating full noun phrases.
(39.) The presentative particle hen occurs only before imperative forms of dry 'to take' and both words are uttered as one prosodic unit, as in [hendere].
A similar formulaic presentative function of obligatory XVS constructions is also seen in (13), in which the canonical word-order, though possible, conveys a different meaning.
We discuss presentative OSGO/OSSO-CFAR detector in Weibull and K distribution clutter in this section.
Ride Entertainment is the North American sales presentative for RCI in the amusement park market and offers financial partnerships on ropes courses at many different types of facilities.