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a. Of or relating to a president or presidency.
b. Befitting a president, especially the office of the president of the United States: criticized the candidate for not looking presidential.
2. Of or relating to a political system in which the chief officer is a president who is elected independently of the legislature for a fixed term: a presidential government.

pres′i·den′tial·ly adv.
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(ˌprɛz ɪˈdɛn ʃəl)

1. of or pertaining to a president or presidency.
2. of the nature of a president: a presidential bearing.
[1595–1605; < Medieval Latin]
pres`i•den′tial•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.presidential - relating to a president or presidency; "presidential aides"; "presidential veto"
2.presidential - befitting a president; "criticized the candidate for not looking presidential"
statesmanlike, statesmanly - marked by the qualities of or befitting a statesman; "a man of statesmanlike judgment"; "a statesmanlike solution of the present perplexities"-V.L.Parrington
unpresidential - not presidential; "very unpresidential behavior"
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رِئاسي، مُخْتَص بالرِّئاسَه
cumhurbaşkanlığına ait


A. ADJ [palace, adviser, candidate] → presidencial
presidential election(s)elecciones fpl presidenciales
he will make his first presidential decision todayhoy tomará su primera decisión como presidente
his presidential hopessus esperanzas de convertirse en presidente
B. CPD presidential guard Nguardia f presidencial
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[ˌprɛzɪˈdɛnʃəl] adj [election, candidate, campaign, adviser, representative] → présidentiel(le)Presidents' Day n (US) jour férié (troisième lundi de février), en souvenir des présidents Lincoln et Washingtonpresiding officer n
(British) (= speaker) (in Scottish and Welsh Parliaments)président(e) m/f
(US) (in the Senate or the House of Representatives)président(e) m/f
(at polling station)président(e) m/f
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adj (Pol) decree, decision, spokesmandes Präsidenten; presidential debatePräsidentschaftsdebatte f; presidential guardWache fdes Präsidenten; presidential palacePräsidentenpalast m; his presidential dutiesseine Pflichten als Präsident


presidential adviser
nBerater(in) m(f)des Präsidenten
presidential campaign
nPräsidentschaftskampagne f
presidential candidate
presidential election
presidential primary
nVorwahl ffür die Präsidentschaft
presidential year
nJahr ntder Präsidentschaft, Jahr ntals Präsident
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[ˌprɛzɪˈdɛnʃl] adj (Pol) → presidenziale
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(priˈzaid) verb
to be the chairman of a meeting etc. The prime minister presided at/over the meeting.
presidency (ˈprezidənsi) plural ˈpresidencies noun
1. the rank or office of a president. His ambition is the presidency.
2. the period of time for which somebody is president. during the presidency of Dwight D. Eisenhower.
president (ˈprezidənt) noun
1. the leading member of a club, association etc. She was elected president of the Music Society.
2. the leader of a republic. the President of the United States.
presidential (preziˈdenʃəl) adjective
a presidential election.
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Fellow countrymen: At this second appearing to take the oath of the presidential office, there is less occasion for an extended address than there was at the first.
"The importance of this event," observed Grandfather, "was a thousand times greater than that of a Presidential election in our own days.
Stepan Arkadyevitch, with the same somewhat solemn expression with which he used to take his presidential chair at his board, walked into Alexey Alexandrovitch's room.
The apartment on the ground-floor in which it was held, was the Snuggery in question; the presidential tribune of the chairman, the pewter-pots, glasses, pipes, tobacco-ashes, and general flavour of members, were still as that convivial institution had left them on its adjournment.
Here is a distinguished statesman with presidential possibilities; I shall proceed to fall in love with him.' Or, `I shall set my heart upon this musician, whose fame is on every tongue?' Or, `This financier, who controls the world's money markets?'
They took the central one away in 1852, on the occasion of thanksgivings for the reinstitution of the presidential power--but precious soon they had occasion to reconsider that motion and put it back again!
Later he sat there and ran the first presidential telephone campaign; talked to his managers in thirty-eight States.
They will jeer at me when I prophesy, and prophesy with the utmost confidence, that at the next presidential election the socialists will poll over a million votes."
The White House had received a new tenant--the old one was then just leaving it--and Count Otto had had the advantage, during the first eighteen months of his stay in America, of seeing an electoral campaign, a presidential inauguration and a distribution of spoils.
He used a very loud cough, instead of a presidential hammer, and said: "Splendid work young Moocher's doing in Burmah.
And indeed all these gentlemen were so very persevering and energetic in this latter particular, and bestowed their favours so abundantly upon the carpet, that I take it for granted the Presidential housemaids have high wages, or, to speak more genteelly, an ample amount of 'compensation:' which is the American word for salary, in the case of all public servants.
Best of all, the famous and eloquent Senator Spareshanks, presidential candidate, rode out in an automobile to discuss the sacred privileges of American citizenship, and protection and prosperity for the American workingman.

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