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a. Of or relating to a president or presidency.
b. Befitting a president, especially the office of the president of the United States: criticized the candidate for not looking presidential.
2. Of or relating to a political system in which the chief officer is a president who is elected independently of the legislature for a fixed term: a presidential government.

pres′i·den′tial·ly adv.
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Adv.1.presidentially - in a presidential manner
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He made it a point, whenever he found himself in company with the President, to pay him his respects, and he had not been discouraged by the fact that there was no association of ideas in the eye of the great man as he put out his hand presidentially and said, "Happy to meet you, sir." Count Otto felt himself taken for a mere loyal subject, possibly for an office-seeker; and he used to reflect at such moments that the monarchical form had its merits it provided a line of heredity for the faculty of quick recognition.
Release date- 29082019 - The Federal Housing Administration announced today that it will make its 'disaster standalone partial claim' a standard mortgage relief option for all victims of natural disasters in presidentially declared major disaster areas.
The $4.3 billion that Congress approved for Texas last February is part of a HUD grant program designed "to help cities, counties, and States recover from Presidentially declared disasters, especially in low-income areas."
Given the pace at which procedural workings are moving forward it is most likely that either the general elections will be delayed or be conducted at the presidentially approved a date in the month of July most of such workings will be ignored or be done perfunctorily.
Attention college graduates and job seekers; imagine this resume highlight: "Presidentially appointed local board member volunteering for my county, as well as, our country in the Selective Service System administering duties which are vital to our national defense."
Because of such optimism, former President Obama was greatly successful and presidentially productive in every facet of his political undertakings.
Since 1953, Maxwell said at the time, Arkansas had experienced 59 presidentially declared disasters.
Congress could alter or rescind monument designations, or repeal the Antiquities Act outright, but instead, Congress has either designated monuments on its own, or elevated presidentially designated monuments to the status of national parks.
Calio also noted that need for ATC reform has been well documented over the past 30 years, pointing to scores of Congressional hearings, Inspector General and Government Accountability Office reports, studies by at least four presidentially appointed non-partisan commissions and numerous independent private sector experts.
With the wildfires and draught in the West and flooding on the East Coast, we have had a number of presidentially declared disaster areas this year.
Industry officials have downplayed the risk, however, and in November, Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff recommended that the five-member, presidentially appointed panel not require plant operators to accelerate such transfers.

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