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 (prĭ-sĭd′ē-əl) also pre·sid·i·ar·y (-ĕr′ē)
Of, relating to, possessing, or being a garrison.


(prɪˈsɪdɪəl) or


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) presidential
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In a more deeply researched second section, "The King's Government," the author offers a rather one-sided Spanish perspective on Governor Anza's Indian and military policies in the precariously held Rio Grande valley as "peace by purchase" and "defending a homeland" before more effectively demonstrating Anza's success in abolishing privileges to "clerics and presidial officers" and coordinating with Commandant Generals Teodoro de Croix and Felipe de Neve to improve the efficiency of communication between Santa Fe, El Paso, and Arizpe within northern New Spain's Interior Provinces (95, 121, 143).
Medieval Sarlat is home to a host of authentic cafes and restaurants; Le Presidial is a French fine dining experience.
"Erdogan might have another agenda and he might try to push for consolidating power," he said, refering to Erdogan's ambition to turn Turkey into a presidial system.
L'auteur rend bien la complexite de cette elite majoritairement composee d'officiers de justice de rang <<moyen>> qui exercaient au presidial, institution majeure pour la ville.
Galien avocat du roi au bailliage es presidial de Chateauthieri: fils de l'auteur" (catalog number RES Z-3253).
Il s'installa par la suite a Lyon ou il devint avocat au presidial de cette ville.
The document was inked by Bulgaria's Deputy Transport and IT Minister Parvan Rusinov and Head of the Presidial Section at the Austrian Federal Chancellery,Manfred Matzka.