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n. pl. pre·sid·i·a (-ē-ə) or pre·sid·i·ums
1. Any of various permanent executive committees in Communist countries having power to act for a larger governing body.
2. Presidium The executive committee of the Supreme Soviet headed by the president in the former Soviet Union.

[Russian prezidium, from Latin praesidium, garrison; see presidio.]


(prɪˈsɪdɪəm) or


n, pl -iums or -ia (-ɪə)
1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (often capital) (in Communist countries) a permanent committee of a larger body, such as a legislature, that acts for it when it is in recess
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a collective presidency, esp of a nongovernmental organization
[C20: from Russian prezidium, from Latin praesidium, from praesidēre to superintend; see preside]


(prɪˈsɪd i əm)

n., pl. -sid•i•ums, -sid•i•a (-ˈsɪd i ə)
1. (often cap.) (esp. in Communist countries) an administrative committee, usu. permanent and governmental, acting when its parent body is in recess but exercising full powers.
2. an executive board or committee.
[1920–25; < Russian prezídium < Latin praesidium defense, garrison, derivative of praeses, s. praesid- guardian, governor. See preside, -ium1]
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Noun1.presidium - a permanent executive committee in socialist countries that has all the powers of some larger legislative body and that acts for it when it is not in session
commission, committee - a special group delegated to consider some matter; "a committee is a group that keeps minutes and loses hours" - Milton Berle


[prɪˈsɪdɪəm] N (Pol) → presidio m


n(Partei)präsidium nt
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Lawmakers plan to ask the parliament presidium for support, ensuring a room for the group's meetings.
Awami League (AL) Presidium Member and spokesperson for the 14-party alliance Mohammed Nasim on Monday urged all the political parties to be united over the Rohingya issue and face the crisis jointly.
Speaking during the special hour in parliament on Monday, RJPN presidium member Mahindra Raya Yadav claimed that the EPG report doesn't represent the voices of the people residing along the Nepal-India border.
It was the president of the Presidium of the SPA who represents the country as nominal head of state.
A total of eight people will run for the top posts in the Police Corps Presidium and police inspectorate.Four of the six candidates who submitted their applications will actually run for the police corps president post.
Association's Presidium Meeting at Crowne Plaza Muscat Hotel to discuss and review the
The presidium members were Turkish scholar Dr Halil Toqer, Ejaz Ahmad Qureshi, Prof Hafizullah, Shafiq Ahmad, Prof Adnan Gul, Khwaja Yawer Naseer, Dr Salahuddin and Ghayyur Sethi.
JERUSALEM, Monday, December 31, 2018 (WAFA) - The Israeli High Court dismissed on Sunday the petition filed by Adalah -- The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel on behalf of Arab members of the Israeli parliament, the Knesset, Jamal Zahalka, Hanin Zoabi, and Joumah Azbarga from the Joint List against the Knesset Presidium's decision to reject their proposed bill Basic Law: State of all its Citizens, according to an Adalah press release.
The Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly a which has the same status as the South Korean National Assembly a announced that it will adopt the time zone UTC+9, moving the nation's time zone 30 minutes forward.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 11, 2018-Walker & Dunlop announces origination of USD100m credit facility for Presidium Group
What is needed is a new presidium within the Eurogroup, comprising the French and German finance ministers, Draghi, ECB Vice President VE[degrees]tor Constancio, and representatives from the European Commission, including its president, Jean-Claude Juncker.