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Adj.1.presocratic - before the time of Socrates
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Judging from the list, this is quite odd, for the thirteenth concerns the question of the relationship between unity and being for Plato, the Pythagoreans, Empedocles, and various other Presocratic cosmologists, whereas the seventeenth concerns whether numbers, lines, figures, and points are separate from or present in the particulars.
Their topics include Presocratic epistemology, Aristotle: from perception to understanding, Roman epistemology, Avicenna on knowledge, knowledge and scientia in two Posterior Analytics commentaries after Buridan: Albert of Saxony and John Mair, Bacon, Spinoza, Locke, Kant, German idealism, pragmatism and epistemology, naturalistic descriptions of knowledge, knowledge and probability, and intellectual virtue and knowledge.
Anaxagoras (4) (500-428 BC), the Greek Presocratic philosopher born in Clazomenae (Turkey), faced the problem of the development of the different tissues in an organism from an apparently homogeneous substance.
The Presocratic Philosophers: A Critical History with a Selection of Texts.
(10) Stoicism and Presocratic philosophical traditions also feature prominently among his influences, and these philosophical elements appear mixed, perhaps ad hoc, throughout the treatise.