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tr.v. pre·sort·ed, pre·sort·ing, pre·sorts
To sort (mail) according to Zip Codes before delivering to a post office.


vb (tr)
to sort in advance



to sort (letters, packages, etc.) by zip code or class before collection or delivery to a post office.
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Interlink is on a mission to provide the postal presort technology behind every newspaper mailing in America.
M2 EQUITYBITES-November 29, 2017-Pitney Bowes Acquires Miller's Presort to Expand Network of Operating Centres
Pitney Bowes is uniquely positioned to help clients simplify their parcel shipping operations both inbound and outbound and enhance their customer experience by connecting physical and digital processes," said Troy Sutula, vice president of Parcel Services, Pitney Bowes Presort Services.
With CloudAddressing, mailers seamlessly access a state-of-the-art CASS, NCOALink[R] and Presort engine with an easy-to-use, powerful interface, providing flexibility in an extremely affordable package.
Ray Clemmer has launched his new company, Firebird Presort.
Presort First Class is a full-service mail provider, offering a complete turnkey operation with the ability to import customers' data into its own systems, print and fold their documents, insert them into envelopes, and then seal and meter the mail before submitting it in bulk to the U.
You need at least 500 pieces to mail at presort rates.
A brief presort should be done, according to Ray Kvedaras of Cooper Tank Transfer in Brooklyn, N.
A line of rugged, lightweight, reusable direct to store boxes that are ideal for break-pack, pre-pick, presort, and less than full case applications are available from Technology Container Corp.
Mailing permits come first, standard, third class, and presort, plus other categories.
Firstlogic recently announced the debut of Presort 5.