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tr.v. pre·sort·ed, pre·sort·ing, pre·sorts
To sort (mail) according to Zip Codes before delivering to a post office.


vb (tr)
to sort in advance



to sort (letters, packages, etc.) by zip code or class before collection or delivery to a post office.
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Ray Clemmer has launched his new company, Firebird Presort.
Window Book and GrayHair together offer complementary solutions for mailers so everyone can benefit from expanded presort and post-presort systems.
Louis Presort, a comprehensive direct mail and presort services company, recently changed its name to Presort.
A brief presort should be done, according to Ray Kvedaras of Cooper Tank Transfer in Brooklyn, N.
A line of rugged, lightweight, reusable direct to store boxes that are ideal for break-pack, pre-pick, presort, and less than full case applications are available from Technology Container Corp.
But better yet: have your mailer provide you with a copy of the standard Postage Statement if it's Periodicals, Standard Mail, First-Class Mail, or any version of PreSort.
That's why the 41-year-old entrepreneur started International Presort of America Inc.
This type of circuitry, called a neural network, can handle data on such luggage features as size, shape and weight without having to presort the information, yielding more accurate decisions about which suitcases may contain bombs, Shea says.
Innovations and new technologies in presort and mail logistics have created an environment in which organizations can rely on Standard Mail for greater accuracy, integrity, tracking, and predictable delivery dates for their direct mail campaigns," said Jim Perkins, senior vice president, Presort Services, Pitney Bowes.
0 at its highest level, is GOLD PAVE Certified for 100% of the available postal presorts and presort options offered by the USPS PAVE Department.
In the past year, GrayHair has released numerous applications that provide complex services to mailers including MailWatch (TM), which monitors mail to identify and solve any major issues in the postal stream; an Informed Visibility Solution, which provides enhanced visibility into the movement of postal containers; and PredictivePresort (TM), which provides presort analysis before the regular presorting process.