press lord

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: lord - a powerful newspaper proprietor
newspaper publisher, publisher - the proprietor of a newspaper
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It was in New York, Conrad Black as a press lord was at the height of his power, and his wife Barbara ditto, writing beautiful conservative stuff for major British and Canadian papers.
Rowling takes Rupert Murdoch to Hogwarts School over his Islamophobia Rupert Murdoch is the billionaire press lord and major shareholder in News Corp., which own Sky News and Fox Cable News.
As both press lord and aspiring politician, his ambitions were quite startling.
Dethroned press lord and convicted criminal Conrad Black will learn at his bail hearing Thursday afternoon in Chicago federal court whether he will be allowed to remain at liberty until his November 30 sentencing.
PRESS lord Conrad Black is facing up to 20 years in a US jail after being convicted of fraud and obstructing justice.
The Canadian-born former press lord, 62, and three other former Hollinger International executives are accused of swindling the company out of around pounds 30m.
He survives by becoming a gossip columnist for a high-handed Canadian press lord (Dan Aykroyd).
Lloyd George had taken Northcliffe back to his office for a two hour friendly chat and had given the press lord and ardent motorist -- in very much the late 1990s style -- a scoop about a proposed `Development of Roads' bill.
Scripps: The Turbulent Life of America's Penny Press Lord (Ames, Iowa 1992), by Vance Trimble, a newspaperman with a string of popular hagiographies on American "success" stories, like the founders of Wal-Mart and of FedEx, are useful to historians looking to put together the larger story of how the man of business and his pursuit of success work out in an integrated whole.
2 on Post list Barbara Cox Anthony $7.1 billion Atlanta Journal and Sisters Constitution, Dayton share control Anne Cox Chambers $7.1 billion Daily News, 13 other of 98 percent dailies of Cox Enterprises Rupert Murdoch $5.6 billion New York Post, "Old-fashioned The Times of London press lord" Si Newhouse Jr.
In 1993, for what he calls "five wonderful weeks," he was editor in chief of the New York Post, until press lord Rupert Murdoch bought the paper and replaced him.
"At any given moment in history, there's been a particular villain, a press lord, a tycoon in the media field, who has been the subject of obsessive attention by this House.