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1. A heavy glazed paper or pasteboard used especially to cover the platen or cylinder of a printing press.
2. A small ironing board.
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1. an undersized ironing board
2. high-density laminate board used for purposes of insulation and manufacture
of high-density laminate board
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(ˈprɛsˌbɔrd, -ˌboʊrd)

a kind of millboard or pasteboard.
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Power transformers are key elements in electrical power systems, whose insulation construction consist of mineral oil, paper and pressboard (transformer board) [1-3].
To provide a quickly renewable and sustainable source for paper pulp; To make engineered building products (fiberboard, pressboard, and hempcrete, which is stronger, lighter, and more environmentally friendly than regular concrete); To make plastics; As a source for biofuel.
In paper and pressboard form, NomexA addresses the diverse demands of the electrical industry.
You keep walking, walking, deep into this wooded area where soon a developer will build more mammoth beige houses of vinyl and pressboard, flimsy drywall and brittle brick, hollow cathedrals to his hubris, he who will name the streets after all the types of trees that used to grow here before he struck them down to build the houses.
By focusing on details that are not staged but nonetheless signify a makeshift quality--the unpainted pressboard walls of a bedroom, the splintered glass of a pickup truck's window, a plastic lining tacked unevenly to a hot tub's outer lip--Lipper calls attention to the ostensibly authentic harsh realities of this dramatized world.
Advanced processing has produced higher density similar to pressboard, and other uses are being explored.
When I entered this team room a little over two years ago, I noticed it immediately, and although it had been a while since I worked my last puzzle, I remembered enjoying them as a girl and could still remember the sense of joy in discovering a hard-to-find piece or being amazed at the very small details of a farm field or mountain range captured in small pressboard pieces.
Moisture stored in solid insulation material acts as a catalyst for the ageing process and encourages cracking of the cellulose molecules of which pressboard exists.
Men were pulling giant sheets of pressboard from the backs of pickup trucks and nailing them over restaurant and shop windows.
"If somebody wanted to start a small pressboard mill here and needed four megawatts for the saws and production, we wouldn't have the power."
On a recent afternoon, Sparks and two friends were hauling the last of his mother's belongings -- a few '80s-era vinyl suitcases, some pressboard furniture -- out of her single-wide trailer and onto a pickup.