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1. One who presses clothes.
2. Any of various devices that apply pressure to a product in manufacturing or canning.
3. Informal A press conference.


1. any of various instruments or machines that apply pressure
2. a person who operates a (wine, olive, cloth, etc) press
3. (Professions) a person who operates a (wine, olive, cloth, etc) press


(ˈprɛs ər)

1. a person whose occupation is pressing or ironing clothes in a laundry or dry-cleaning establishment.
2. a person or thing that presses or applies pressure.
References in classic literature ?
A poor thrashing machine, or your Russian presser, they will break, but my steam press they don't break.
ISLAMABAD -- After getting a green signal from the federal cabinet to carry out half of the balloting (50 per cent) of the total government Hajj quota applications, the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony has selected 89,605 by holding a computerised draw, said Minister of State for Religious Affairs Pir Muhammad Aminul Hasnat Shah during a presser on Thursday.
European bourses are rebounding as ECB's Draghi presser is well under way, despite the latest surge in the euro to the $1.
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Spokesperson PTI Fawad Chaudhry in response to the presser of former PM said that Nawaz Sharif should take courage and reveal the names of conspirators instead of threatening the judiciary and the army.
It was told in the presser that the decision had been taken to avoid division of vote bank in General Elections 2018.
In what he calls a love letter to the teaching of law, Presser presents biographies of American (and two English) law professors in order to illuminate what holds American society together and to further the understanding of shared American values in an age when those values are more at risk than at any time for the last 60 years.
As per details made available, the presser has been delayed for one day, and will now be conducted on Monday.
On the title page of the first issue of the new journal was the first half of a Latin phrase from Horace, "Omne tulit punctum qui miscuit utile dulci," translated by Presser as "He who mingles the useful with the agreeable carries off the prize.
KARACHI -- No popular face, except the alienated Kunwar Khalid Younis, was present when the interim Rabita committee of the UK-Based Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) held a presser at Karachi Press Club.
This was assured by PSL president Ramon 'Tats' Suzara during Thursday's presser and presentation of imports.
Various shots, Ban and Erdogan shaking hands and leaving the presser
Hungarian composer Babor Presser claims the rapper "knowingly and intentionally misappropriated" his 1969 composition Gyongyhaju lany.