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I got mixed up in that crowd seething with an animosity as senseless as things of the street always are, and it was while I was laboriously making my way out of it that the pressman of whom I spoke was jostled against me.
The American pressman considered him with more attention.
As a Pressman, I felt sure from what I had been told that I could never hope to get into touch with this cantankerous Professor.
The pressman who was passing yearned for the sunlight in his camera.
Pressman holds a bachelor's degree from Hamilton College and he continues to serve the College as a Charter Trustee.
With some great material from lyricist Nica del Rosario, whose work has spunky, girl empowerment undertones, and fresh beats from Flip Music's Bojam de Belen, Pressman manages to dish out one fresh-sounding track after another.
I mention Pressman because a sudden, adhesive thought stuck to me this week after seeing him soar his usual heights during Portadown's Irish Cup win over Glentoran on Tuesday night.
Les Pressman said he was looking for a good, hot salsa, but ``I haven't had one that was hot enough for me yet.
Liam Coleman tested Pressman again after 65 minutes but the veteran keeper was equal to his shot.
Two minutes after the break, a deflection off Caldwell fell into the path of Whitehead, but this time Pressman was off his line like a bullet to block.
Prior to joining Studley, Pressman served as executive managing director of the retail management consulting group with Cushman & Wakefield.
Pressman has told boss Danny Wilson that he is no longer prepared to play understudy to Pavel Srnicek and that he wants to leave Hillsborough.