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Andrew and Jean Long; Alan Gardner, Pressmark Pressings Limited
Pressmark Pressings is a metal forming specialist based in Atherstone, which supplies high volume components for automotive manufacturers.
The volume contains an introductory essay by Ursula Sims-Williams on the history of the Hoernle manuscripts after their deposit in the British Museum and India Office Library (picking up the story from her essay on Hoernle's papers in BLSF I); a survey of Buddhist Sanskrit manuscript finds from Khotan by Klaus Wille, including editions of pressmark Or.
To this is appended the usual scholarly appurtenances, and indices of manuscripts by repository and pressmark, and of names, topics, and texts generally.
The books that are described here are in chronological order; that is, they are arranged by the first use of a decorative frame or pressmark.
8) The pressmark of each libretto is preceded by the holder's sigla as listed by Repertoire International des Sources Musicales (RISM).
Not only does Copper Canyon Press produce handsome editions, but its pressmark is also the Chinese character for poetry, which Porter translates as "from the heart.
For each of his 168 "sources", Charteris provides, as appropriate, information on the source's physical description; watermarks; imprint; provenance; Folger accession number, former pressmark, and microfilm details, as well as general comments and a list of relevant scholarly literature.
The listings, in pressmark order, contain a description, imprint, comments on the paper, provenance, accession number, commentary about its features, microfilm if available, relevant publications, and the music within the source.
Burton owned a copy of the 1590 Latin edition (see previous note) which is now in the Bodleian Library, pressmark 8[degrees] G 120 Art (see Nicolas Kiessling, The Library of Robert Burton (Oxford: Oxford Bibliographical Society, 1988), p.
This collection, which later became known as the 'Registratur des Bischofs von Spiga', is preserved in the Niedersachsisches Hauptstaatsarchiv; it is outhoused at Pattensen, a village to the south of Hanover, and carries the pressmark Cal.
Moreover, since the manuscript contains not only Kentish dialect but also the pressmark of St Augustine's, Canterbury, its place of origin may reasonably be guessed.