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press run

or press·run (prĕs′rŭn′)
1. Continuous operation of a printing press for a specific job.
2. The number of copies printed in one such continuous operation.


a number of copies of a book printed at the same time



1. the running of a printing press for a specific job.
2. the quantity that is run. Also called run.
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Less manual intervention allowing additional focus on other areas of the pressrun
A forklift operator then lifts the basket into the press, and the free-run and pressrun wine flow by gravity to either barrels or a portable tank.
pattern, a wrapping problem, improper pressrun, or bindery problems.
The target company is providing PressRun, a cloud-based digital publishing solution developed to deliver interactive tablet and mobile experiences.
Consider for a moment what the newspaper puts up with in transit from pressrun to living room.
we moved the military housing carrier's pickup time to near the front of the pressrun so that delivery could be completed prior to 5 a.
Selling the pressrun of The Happy Girls could support an author of modest needs for the better part of two years.
Frustrations cited included lack of standards, time lags between approval of artwork and pressrun, time lost to rework designs, proofs and press results that don't match, not knowing what you are going to get pressrun to pressrun, resistance to change and constant communications between printer and prepress provider.
Increase pressrun to accommodate standard bundle sizes to eliminate odd counts at warehouses.