The time at which a publication, especially a newspaper, is submitted for printing.
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element-invisibleSportshub ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1Both matches were being played at presstime.
Semifinal matches in the boys' and girls' 16-under were being played as of presstime.
Bryan Otico, fresh from his career breakthrough win at PCA Open last week, was playing Nowa Matsubayashi at presstime, with the top seed Filipino tipped to roll past the Japanese and spearhead the hosts bid in the week-long ITF-sanctioned tournament supported by Technifiber ball as official ball, official hotel Jinjiang Inn, Makati and the Philippine Sports Commission.
At presstime, there were 16 exhibitors slated for the pavilion: Anatolian Picker, Andy Lloyd, Caravanserai, Collins Gallery, Peter Pap, James Cohen, Daniel Goodman, David Sorgato, DeWitt MallAry, Emir Galerie des Arts Textiles, Fazli Solak, Fred Hazin, Aydin Oriental Carpets, Owen Parry, Tyfik Recai Yaroglu and Yurok Rug Gallery.
At presstime, Calgary Opera also announced the appointment of Christopher Mokrzewski as Resident Conductor, succeeding Gerrard.
At presstime Carrefour had not confirmed that either executive has been released, but a Reuters story cited sources close to the company in reporting their dismissal.
Graf & Sons had all three in stock at presstime.
As of presstime, customers were able to have consultations with doctors and interact with OptumHealth nurses via NowClinic Online Care in consultation rooms at nine Rite Aid pharmacies in the Detroit area.
While its members struggle under a punishing economic downturn and a secular transition to digital, the Newspaper Association of America is cutting its staff by 50% and will cease publication of the print edition of the magazine Presstime.
These tricked-out replacements for the venerable 2025 were too new to test at presstime but sure looked sweet on the floor at Lund's annual dealer meeting last September.
With grocers and manufacturers coming under fire by consumer groups for allegedly obfuscating the issue of rising prices, Milwaukee-based Roundy's at presstime made a commendable move by alerting customers to a price hike on bananas.
This April saw a pair of notable RF power transistor announcements just before presstime, with the Freescale MRF6VP3450H LDMOS 50V device which boasts 450W peak power at P1dB with 50 percent efficiency throughout the UHF broadcast frequency band.