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Noun1.pressure feed - mechanical system of lubricating internal combustion engines in which a pump forces oil into the engine bearingspressure feed - mechanical system of lubricating internal combustion engines in which a pump forces oil into the engine bearings
internal-combustion engine, ICE - a heat engine in which combustion occurs inside the engine rather than in a separate furnace; heat expands a gas that either moves a piston or turns a gas turbine
mechanical system - a system of elements that interact on mechanical principles
oil filter - a filter that removes impurities from the oil used to lubricate an internal-combustion engine
oil pump - a pump that keeps a supply of oil on moving parts
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Binks manufactures low and high pressure manual and automatic spray guns, accessories, airless and air assisted airless spray painting outfits; high and low pressure fluid handing pumps and regulators, pressure feed tanks, 2K electronic paint mixing machines and paint circulating systems for the industrial finishing and automobile manufacturing markets.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Pressure Feed Tank For Cov202 Drum Sealing Compound To Taloja
Fuel is supplied to the fuel pump by a low pressure feed pump located in the fuel tank.
needle clogging, micro-bubbles in the fluid or variable pressure feed.
Both provide a high pressure feed to the existing anticyclone so maintaining the synoptic status quo.
Complete overhauling of 15 high pressure feed pumps with supplies and replacement of spares at RO plant of Medina-Yanbu desalination and power plants.
The Larnaca project will make use of Flowserve Calder Dual Work Exchange Energy Recovery units together with Flowserve DMX pumps in the high pressure feed service.
In this environment fear and market pressure feed on each other.
The two high pressure feed water heaters were eddy current tested and found to have severe stress cracks from the back face of the tube sheet in the de-superheating zone extending approximately six feet to the back of the zone.
With this system the pressure feed goes directly into the valve head and the control signal is supplied either from a local closed loop control sensor or switch; or from a PLC/machine controller via a control bus - AS-Interface or DeviceNet - or multipole (parallel) directly into the valve.
Also, propane fuel can be self-pressurized at that altitude, so no turbopumps or pressure feed systems are required to force propellant into the combustion chamber.
This could be eliminated by rerouting the bypass streams to the concentrate hopper so that all thickener feed is treated in the deaerators, and improving the pump control system ensures a constant pressure feed to the deaerators.