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 (prĕ-stĭs′ə-mō′) Music
adv. & adj.
In as fast a tempo as possible. Used chiefly as a direction.
n. pl. pres·tis·si·mos
A prestissimo passage or movement.

[Italian, superlative of presto, presto; see presto.]
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(prɛˈstɪsɪˌməʊ) music
adj, adv
(Music, other) to be played as fast as possible
n, pl -mos
(Music, other) a piece or passage directed to be played in this way
[C18: from Italian: very quickly, from presto fast]
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(prɛˈstɪs əˌmoʊ, -ˈsti sə-)

at the most rapid tempo (used as a musical direction).
[1715–25; < Italian: most quickly]
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Adj.1.prestissimo - (of tempo) as fast as possible
fast - at a rapid tempo; "the band played a fast fox trot"
Adv.1.prestissimo - extremely fast; as fast as possible; "this passage should be played prestissimo"
music - an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner
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It was followed by a blood-hound-like bay from Sir Christopher, a maniacal prestissimo on the organ, and loud cries, for Jimmy.
The climax of it is a furious prestissimo, at which the couples seize hands and begin a mad whirling.
Approximately six minutes long, Fancie opens with an exciting Prestissimo section in mixed meter which immediately showcases the upper range of the horn by skyrocketing to a fff c"' in the second phrase.
And, in rebounding, its usual mantra of 'looted public funds by the PDP' was deployed prestissimo for some damaging effects.
THE PACE AT WHICH PRODUCERS OF HAWAIIAN and Alaskan Native theatres are creating original offerings specific to their lands and peoples and mounting them on their mainstages ranges somewhere in the giddy spectrum between prestissimo and full-tilt boogie.
Di notte, oppure di mattina prestissimo e anche nel pomeriggio, l'aiuto regista e il cameraman accompagnavano il Maestro per il campus e per il centro di Middlebury per i sopralluoghi.
The rhythm considered as slow, busy and rushed by the researcher, can be represented respectively by the agogic categories of adagio, alegro, moderato e prestissimo. The rhythm that permeates the kitchen is driven by the restaurant's movements, linked to customer service, the demand for the ordering of dishes, to the cooking time of the dishes.
On top of the piano she kept a metronome, a mahogany pyramid with a Bakelite front that protected the wand where you slid the weight from grave to prestissimo. Sixty beats a minute was adagio.
As ever, tonight's soloist gave a breath-taking performance, wooing her riveted audience with exquisite prestissimo filigrees, rich singing phrases offsetting and joining with lovely orchestral writing.