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Capable of being presumed or taken for granted; reasonable as a supposition: presumable causes of the disaster.

pre·sum′a·bly adv.


able to be presumed or taken for granted


(prɪˈzu mə bəl)

capable of being presumed or taken for granted; probable.
pre•sum′a•bly, adv.
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Adj.1.presumable - capable of being inferred on slight grounds
thinkable - capable of being conceived or imagined or considered


Based on probability or presumption:
Idiom: taken for granted.


References in classic literature ?
And, not to speak of the highly presumable difference of contour between a young sucking whale and a full-grown Platonian Leviathan; yet, even in the case of one of those young sucking whales hoisted to a ship's deck, such is then the outlandish, eel-like, limbered, varying shape of him, that his precise expression the devil himself could not catch.
This would be the more likely to take place, as the delinquencies of the larger members might be expected sometimes to proceed from an ambitious premeditation in their rulers, with a view to getting rid of all external control upon their designs of personal aggrandizement; the better to effect which it is presumable they would tamper beforehand with leading individuals in the adjacent States.
Then it came over me that, in spite of Flora's presumable sequestration from the instant of her return from the pool, it might already be too late.
As strangers in the land, it is presumable that they wisely and honorably avoided entangling themselves in the political contentions involved with it.
In the morning, sick and headachey from the gin, he crawled out to find the sun still in the sky and God presumable in heaven, for his hosts were alive and uninjured.
These presumable quantities are those that must be manufactured at minimum.
A demographic measure of this gap takes into account the typical difference in age between men and women at first marriage in computing what demographers call the "availability of mate ratio," which presumable measures the availability of marriageable males to females.
Puigdemont, now in Belgium, is awaiting extradition to Spain and presumable conviction and imprisonment.
They are risking presumable dangers to avoid a definite misery.
The spermatozeugmata are presumable transferred into the female reproductive tract during copulation via one of the intromittent organs.
11] Since in this study, only cardiovascular responses are blocked in APV pre-treated group, it is presumable that NMDA receptor blocker interacts with ketamine recognition site of 5-[HT.
In fact, the British are apparently increasing their diplomatic staff here, and more experienced diplomats will be working here, presumable in response to any security threats posed by Russia.