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Going beyond what is right or proper; excessively forward: felt it was presumptuous of him to assume they had become friends.

[Middle English, from Old French presumptueux, from Late Latin praesūmptuōsus, variant of praesūmptiōsus, from praesūmptiō, presumption; see presumption.]

pre·sump′tu·ous·ly adv.
pre·sump′tu·ous·ness n.
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Noun1.presumptuousness - audacious (even arrogant) behavior that you have no right to; "he despised them for their presumptuousness"
audaciousness, audacity - aggressive boldness or unmitigated effrontery; "he had the audacity to question my decision"
uppishness, uppityness - assumption of airs beyond one's station


تَجاسُر، وَقاحَه، قِلَّة حَياء
haddini bilmezlikküstahlık


[prɪˈzʌmptjʊəsnɪs] N (= arrogance) → presunción f; (= liberty-taking) → atrevimiento m


n (of person, remark)Unverschämtheit f, → Dreistigkeit f; (in connection with one’s abilities) → Überheblichkeit f, → Anmaßung f, → Vermessenheit f (geh); (of behaviour)Unverschämtheit f


(prəˈzjuːm) verb
1. to believe that something is true without proof; to take for granted. When I found the room empty, I presumed that you had gone home; `Has he gone?' `I presume so.'
2. to be bold enough (to act without the right, knowledge etc to do so). I wouldn't presume to advise someone as clever as you.
preˈsumably adverb
I presume. She's not in her office – presumably she went home early.
preˈsumption (-ˈzamp-) noun
1. something presumed. She married again, on the presumption that her first husband was dead.
2. unsuitable boldness, eg in one's behaviour towards another person.
preˈsumptuous (-ˈzamptjuəs) , ((American) -ˈzamptʃuəs) adjective
impolitely bold.
preˈsumptuousness noun
References in classic literature ?
Thus doth the master give free scope to his slaves, and even enjoyeth their presumptuousness.
Similarly, as she scrutinizes the newspaper photograph which records Norval's return from the war, she veers between confident statements, rhetorical and tentative questions, while her slippery adverbial phrases, modal verbs, and use of free indirect speech concede the presumptuousness of her suppositions about her parents' emotional life (pp.
The presumptuousness of popes has yielded to unerring virtue: with Henry VIII bearing the sceptre in his hand, religion has been restored, and with him on the throne the truths of God have begun to be held in due reverence.
It is well-known that Abu Bakr would only use the title Khalifat Rasul Allah ("Successor of the Messenger of God") and recoiled from using Khalifat Allah ("Gods deputy") because of the undue presumptuousness implicit in its adoption.
Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger's opposite number Stuart Pearce stopped short of accusing Arsenal of presumptuousness for their unconventional penalty - but admitted he had been unhappy with the award of the first spotkick.
more impressed by the leap of presumptuousness necessary to dismiss
For Enriquez Gomez, Babylon represents more than a place of exile for biblical Jews; the image of a tower of Babylon also signifies his belief that society has fallen into a state of chaos due to presumptuousness and greed.
The appalling arrogance of it, the staggering presumptuousness.
Arising out of presumptuousness, if not arrogance, as well as historical privation, if not cultivated ignorance, this is the disease of the conflation of science with scientism, a conflation that corrodes the faculty of imagination and critical thought of the inflicted, and eats up that very cultural space which provides for the free expression of ideas.
The slap is thus as much a rebuke of male presumptuousness about feminine sexuality as it is an admonition of Frederic for his poor manners.
Members of the Cabinet in the legally more important building across the way - Crickhowell House, home of the National Assembly - sighed, and then laughed, at Mr Goodway's presumptuousness.
And yet, the incomprehension of, say, newly recruited catcher Jason Chenier (Kohl Sudduth) pales next to the almost self-conscious articulacy of teammates who talk about being "passionate about passion" one minute, presuming presumptuousness the next.