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Waiving any exception that might be taken to the inaccuracy or inexplicitness of the distinction between internal and external, let us inquire what ground there is to presuppose that disinclination in the people.
And though men of the highest genius study this question as long as they please, I do not believe that they will be able to give any reason which can be sufficient to remove this doubt, unless they presuppose the existence of God.
At any rate you can tell that a song or ode has three parts-- the words, the melody, and the rhythm; that degree of knowledge I may presuppose?
Hiding order beneath the cloak of disorder is simply a question of subdivision; concealing courage under a show of timidity presupposes a fund of latent energy; masking strength with weakness is to be effected by tactical dispositions.
Now, as the fact of becoming a prince from a private station presupposes either ability or fortune, it is clear that one or other of these things will mitigate in some degree many difficulties.
Republican government presupposes the existence of these qualities in a higher degree than any other form.
"Your programme," he remarked, "presupposes that I have no ambitions beyond the pursuit of pleasure."
"since any explanation of it presupposes some knowledge of melody and of music, while your very question indicates that you have no knowledge of either."
With a beat and above consensus fiscal 2019 earnings guidance, the market seems focused on Alexion's below consensus revenue guidance, Raymond tells investors in a post-earnings research note titled "Q418 Beat, FY19 Revenue Guidance a Bit of a Sandbag; Buyers Right Here." The sales outlook "seems to presuppose everything but the kitchen sink with respect to any type of headwind," says the analyst.
The other ECIs understood to have reached one million signatures are the Right2Water' initiative, whose organisers believe "water is a public good, not a commodity," and One of us', which seeks to end EU financing of activities that presuppose the destruction of human embryos.
All these related structures presuppose sentence (2c) above, repeated as (3d).
Aleksandra Mitevska from Utrinski vesnik writes that it is not hard to presuppose that the epilogue of the possible referendum for the use of the flags of the ethnic communities would not be that much different from another referendum for the territorial organization, held in 2004.