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A Christian doctrine holding that at least some of the apocalyptic prophecies in the Bible describe events that occurred within the first century after Jesus's death, rather than events that lie still in the future.

[Latin praeter, beyond, past; see preterite + -ism.]

pret′er·ist n.


1. a person interested in the past
2. (Theology) theol a person who believes the Biblical prophecies of the Apocalypse have been fulfilled
(Theology) of the belief that the Biblical prophecies of the Apocalypse have been fulfilled
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Noun1.preterist - a theologian who believes that the Scripture prophecies of the Apocalypse (the Book of Revelation) have already been fulfilled
theologian, theologiser, theologist, theologizer - someone who is learned in theology or who speculates about theology
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The "pictorial," the "economic," the "emotional," and the "pathetic," all represent separate and autonomous works; they are each "a life" in themselves (narrated from birth until the moment in which the preterist decided to take up his pen).
(21.) Catholic interpreters, wanting to counteract the identification of the Pope as Antichrist, offered two alternative methodologies in the futurist and preterist approaches.
Inasmuch as they dwelt on eschatology, these traditionalists were often preterist and therefore felt that the "kingdom of God" was already present in a "now, not yet" fashion.