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tr.v. pre·ter·mit·ted, pre·ter·mit·ting, pre·ter·mits
1. To disregard intentionally or allow to pass unnoticed or unmentioned.
2. To fail to do or include; omit.
3. To interrupt or terminate.

[Latin praetermittere : praeter, beyond; see preterite + mittere, to let go.]

pre′ter·mis′sion (-mĭsh′ən) n.
pre′ter·mit′ter n.
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Noun1.pretermission - letting pass without notice
omission - neglecting to do something; leaving out or passing over something
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5) Perhaps another reason for this pretermission has to do with the extremely formal and technical nature of this new research.
Moreover, the amelioration of the safranal effect on GTCS and pretermission of its effect on MCS by naloxone suggest that there is interaction between this substance and opioid receptors that also remains to be investigated.
Yet Hart buries these telling studies 200-odd pages into the text--a pretermission symptomatic of her entire "unbiased" work.