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 (prē′tər-năch′ər-əl, -năch′rəl)
1. Surpassing what is normal or usual; extraordinary: "Below his preternatural affability there is some acid and steel" (George F. Will).
2. Transcending the natural or material order; supernatural.

[Medieval Latin praeternātūrālis, from Latin praeter nātūrām, beyond nature : praeter, beyond; see preterite + nātūra, nature; see nature.]

pre′ter·nat′u·ral·ism n.
pre′ter·nat′u·ral·ly adv.
pre′ter·nat′u·ral·ness n.
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Their use of bold colors enhance the preternaturalism of the figurative works.
Perhaps a more realistic and fruitful approach would be to portray the evolutionary story as an epic narrative that inspires awe and wonder and that, due to its evidence-based nature, can affect self-identity and behavior in ways that are more effective in promoting all-around wellbeing and happiness than are the fictional events of myth and religious preternaturalism.
This is an example of the way essentially "realistic" crime literature can accept gothic preternaturalism, extraordinary psychopathology replacing the literal Satanic evil of the kind found in, say, Matthew Lewis's The Monk or, much more recently in Angel Heart or The Exorcist (1973).