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 (prē′tər-năch′ər-əl, -năch′rəl)
1. Surpassing what is normal or usual; extraordinary: "Below his preternatural affability there is some acid and steel" (George F. Will).
2. Transcending the natural or material order; supernatural.

[Medieval Latin praeternātūrālis, from Latin praeter nātūrām, beyond nature : praeter, beyond; see preterite + nātūra, nature; see nature.]

pre′ter·nat′u·ral·ism n.
pre′ter·nat′u·ral·ly adv.
pre′ter·nat′u·ral·ness n.
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Nor with the immemorial superstition of their race, and in accordance with the preternaturalness, as it seemed, which in many things invested the Pequod, were there wanting some of the seamen who swore that whenever and wherever descried; at however remote times, or in however far apart latitudes and longitudes, that unnearable spout was cast by one self-same whale; and that whale, Moby Dick.