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tr.v. pre·treat·ed, pre·treat·ing, pre·treats
To treat (wood or fabric, for example) beforehand.

pre·treat′ment n.


treatment administered beforehand
(Medicine) occurring, or administered, before treatment
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for a list of owner municipalities see https://argo.Dk/om-os/organisation/ the amount of kod for pretreatment and biogasification is expected to amount to approx.
There has recently been speculation that chrome free technology used in the pretreatment of architectural aluminium is not as robust as that of its chrome based alternative.
WEDNESDAY, June 6, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- Mifepristone pretreatment improves medical management of early pregnancy loss, according to a study published in the June 7 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine.
Cross-Cultural Dialogues on Homelessness: From Pretreatment Strategies to Psychologically Informed Environments
To improve the quality of vacuum-fried products, several pretreatments methods, such as blanching, predrying, osmotic pretreatment, coating, and freezing methods, have been applied to the frying of foods [8-12].
[34], four contrast variables were created to investigate the course of the outcomes from (1) pretreatment to the end of treatment, (2) pretreatment to 1-month follow-up, (3) pretreatment to 6-month follow-up, and (4) pretreatment to 12-month follow-up.
Background: The pretreatment neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio (NLR) has been reported to be a prognostic factor in various types of carcinomas.
Regarding the antioxidant capacity FRAP and ABTS (Table 1), they showed a decrease in most of the pretreatments, except for alkaline pretreatment in ABTS that did not present a significant difference compared to the untreated dried pollen.
Five of the 12 patients whose post-treatment biopsy showed complete clearance of pretreatment granulomas leaving only a lymphohistiocytic inflammatory infiltrate (case no.
Aqueous ammonia pretreatment is a widely studied method to alter the structure and reduce the recalcitrance of biomass for enzymatic hydrolysis [8-13].
Converting lignocellulosic biomass to ethanol involves four stages: pretreatment, hydrolysis, fermentation, and ethanol recovery by distillation [3].